The varied benefits of electric fencing


Businesses looking for an efficient and highly economical way of protecting their premises have long turned to electric fencing – and with good reason.

Here are just a few benefits of choosing electric fencing for your business.

1. Installation is easy

Traditional methods of fencing are generally quite heavy and cumbersome, which leads to a difficult and expensive installation process. Electric fencing is installed onto your existing hose fence or wall, which means they can be installed quickly, and efficiently.

2. Simple maintenance

Operational maintenance is also suitably simple. It generally consists of ensuring no debris is touching the fence, making sure the correct voltage is being run through the wires, and keeping the connection points clean. Aside from that, the fence should run reliably when properly installed.

3. Versatility

Aside from the afore-mentioned point of existing fencing structures being suitable for electrification in certain circumstances, electric fencing puts a great deal more control in the hands of the business owner as opposed to more traditional fencing methods.

The voltage can be adjusted to the owner’s requirements, and will provide a non-lethal shock to anyone trying to gain unauthorised access to the premises. This is an effective deterrent, and allows the business owner peace of mind that the fence can operate safely.

4. Psychological deterrent

Aside from the actual efficiency and potency of the non-lethal shock, electric fencing does a great deal to deter potential invaders merely from its looks. An electric fence is an imposing structure, and should be enough to deter most potential invaders. It makes your premises a harder target than others and therefore deters them from attacking your site.