What security solution is best for your business?


As a business owner, you will know how important it is to protect your property from intruders, thieves, vandals and other unwanted guests. If your company relies on storing stock, then it is important that this is safe or you could lose a lot of money and end up having to close down your business. Electrified perimeter fencing can protect your inventory and stop unwanted guests from accessing stock. It can be confusing choosing what measures you need to protect your store or warehouse, so read on for some suggestions on how to ensure your stock is safe. Time to get thinking security

Thinking Security – CageSecure

CageSecure systems are perfect for, as the name might suggest, protecting cages. If your inventory is stored in a cage either indoors or outdoors, this is the best security system for you. This system is not for protecting large warehouses, so read on for more products that will suit this need.

Thinking Security – FenceSecure

FenceSecure systems are suitable for large areas and offer great intruder detection. These systems are designed to work with mesh or palisade fencing systems. If you have a large company with lots of stock you should seriously consider getting in touch so we can set up a fence secure system for you as soon as possible.

Thinking Security – Seismic intrusion detection systems

Seismic intrusion detection systems, or SIDS, is designed to protect the walls of your building from any intruders or thieves. This system is perfect if you have a large building. It will not work on cages or outdoor fencing so consider cage secure or fence secure if you need these protected. Combined with a security guard, cameras and other precautions, this system is great to stop any of your expensive inventory from disappearing.

If you’re looking for further advice on perimeter intrusion detection, electric fencing, intruder detection or any other aspect of security, please get in touch with Harper Chalice today and we will advise on the best product to match your needs. Keeping your property safe is extremely important, so don’t delay and take steps to better protect your business now.

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