Tips for maintaining & maximising electric fencing


Hiring experts in perimeter security solutions is just the first step to ensuring that your business and its valuables/assets are protected. The next step is to ensure that you put in the effort to maintain and maximise the electric fencing for long-term, incident-free perimeter security.

Tips for maximising electric fencing

  • Make sure that the energiser used is suitable for the needs of your property. The energiser must provide maximise energy efficiency and overall cost
  • Ensure that your grounding system is suitable. A large percentage of electric fence problems originate from inadequate grounding
  • If your fence shorts out during rainy or stormy weather, it could be due to your insulators. Make sure that you select high-quality, weather-proof insulators.

Tips for maintaining your electric fencing

  • Delegate electric fencing maintenance tasks to individuals within the company to complete on a daily or weekly basis. The tasks don’t have to be complex or time-consuming. They can be to merely check the fencing and ensure that everything is up and running 100%
  • Regularly inspect the fencing. Keep an eye open for damaged components or debris in the fence
  • Ensure that foliage is well maintained near the fence. When leaves and twigs touch the fencing, it can cause a short circuit
  • The fence wire tension should be checked often
  • Clear away debris and litter as this can cause alarms. If you notice that any insulators are damaged or worn, make sure they are replaced immediately to avoid short-circuiting

Why installing the right electric fencing and maintaining it is important

Your electric fence provides a layer of defence. By skimping on the initial quality of the fence and its components, you can put yourself in a vulnerable position. Repairs and replacements on poor quality fencing can rack up. If you don’t maintain your fence, unexpected damage can result in expensive repairs and replacements, too. Speak to the experts at about a high-quality electric fence for your premises and how to maintain it effectively thereafter.

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