What action can you take if vandals are targeting your business?


If you run your own business, then you know how much hard work and effort goes into it. This is especially true over recent months where the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many UK companies financially. If you, therefore, find yourself subject to constant vandalism on your grounds, it is highly annoying to say the least. Coming in to regularly find graffiti on walls, damage to buildings or ruined outdoor spaces is not fair. As well as the mental impact this can have over time on you and your staff, there is also the cost involved in cleaning up any mess.

If you are having trouble with vandals being a nuisance to your business, what can you do?

Call the police

Of course, the first thing to do if people have come onto your grounds without permission and caused damage is to call the police. Once they arrive at the scene, they will be able to collect any evidence left behind and begin an investigation into what has happened. If it is happening time and again, they will be able to piece together clues to apprehend the people behind it all for you.

Review your security measures

The next logical step is to review the measures you have in place to keep intruders out. While this is naturally most pressing when your business is not open, effective security will keep staff and visitors safe when it is open as well. If you do not have any security measures in place at all, then you should seriously think about investing in some as below. If you do have things like electric fencing in place, check to see that it is still working properly and there are no gaps or damaged sections people could get through.

Upgrade your security measures

As noted above, if you do not have measures like electrified perimeter fencing or CCTV in place, you really should think about getting them installed. This should help a lot with your problem and make your site much more secure. If you do find that your current systems are broken or not up to standard, think about investing some money in upgrading them to help.

Call Harper Chalice today

Here at Harper Chalice, we have helped many businesses over the years secure their premises. Our range of integrated security solutions includes things like pulse monitored fencing and perimeter intrusion detection PIDS. Get in touch today for more details on how we can help out.

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