What are integrated perimeter security systems?


Valuables must be secured and protected from being stolen, damaged or misused. Be it a private, commercial or industrial property, a sound security system is the favourable option if one is looking to have some peace of mind. While you are spoilt for choice by the various offerings and alternatives on the security appliance market, integrating and consolidating the right system will determine its efficiency. If a fence, for example, does not integrate well with its electric system, it becomes compromised and may admit an opportunistic breach of security.

Who are Harper Chalice?

Harper Chalice is a security solutions provider with longstanding expertise in perimeter security, manufacturing, supply and installation. We specialise in electric and electronic perimeter systems that are easily integrated and combined to fortify your premises. Fencing is the most common method of primary deterrence. A fence is however never enough on its own to discourage the ambitious trespasser; a non-lethal 10,000 volts jolt of electricity to the burglar, on the other hand, will perfectly deliver. At Harper Chalice, our Electric Security Fencing can be the ultimate burglar-proof perimeter protection device, coupled with the Pulse Secure system that will trigger an alert following any interference to the fence.

Integrated RADAR

For expansive or remote properties, however, an electric fence or foot patrols by security staff are simply insufficient. That’s where monitored fencing using RADAR with the Harper Chalice ScanSecure comes in handy. The system complies fully with security industry standards, and manages detection, tracking and identification. This makes it so much easier to collect and coordinate evidence in case of a break-in. Scan Secure ensures that you are alerted way in advance of an impending intrusion.


Our Perimeter Intrusion Detection System will alert you of an invasion thanks to its active seismic sensors. These detectors determine what type of contact has been made, and where it’s coming from. The PIDS alerts your staff by either being relayed to a listening post or the police. To ensure your property’s absolute security, we prioritise the industry principles of deterrence, detection and delay.

A Harper Chalice fully integrated security system is designed with this in mind, taking into account the custom needs of your property. With Pulse Monitored Electric Security Fencing, CCTV using PTZ cameras, Scan Secure RADAR for beyond perimeter detection, PIDS for the inter-perimeter contingency and our Seismic Intruder Detection System (SSIDS).

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