What are some industries that could benefit from Pulse Monitored Fencing?


As one of the most powerful fencing security solutions available, Pulse Monitored Fencing (PMF) brings with it a reputation of efficiency and reliability. While many businesses may have heard of the benefits that PMF can reap, what they might not know is that their industry may be one most in need of investing in good-quality PMF. That’s why we’ve made a list of some of the industries and businesses that could benefit the most from installing Pulse Monitored Fencing.


The image of factories has long been desolate, foreboding buildings with unhappy employees. However, the truth is that factories are responsible for producing a nearly incalculable number of products every day – while this is something to marvel at, it also makes factories a hotspot for thieves looking for an easy way to score big. By installing PMF around the factory premises, you’re making it clear that trespassing is not wanted.

Power stations

The inclusion of PMF around the perimeter of a power station is for the safety of others as much as it is the protection of the valuables inside. Urban exploration has become a popular hobby for growing numbers of people in recent years, making buildings that might appear abandoned (such as power stations) a big attraction for many. Installing PMF is an effective deterrent against urban explorers as many are simply amateurs looking for a thrill – the mere sight of electric fencing could be enough to keep them away.

Data centres

Though many digital attacks and thefts have now moved online, there are still some old-fashioned thieves that would prefer to carry out a physical theft of a computer in order to flog it after stealing the data stored on the drives. PMF is also a good idea as it prevents the wrong people coming in and accessing the data, which is likely sensitive and not meant for the general public.

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