What are the benefits of integrated security systems?


Integrating your security systems can have many benefits for your business, including but not limited to boosting productivity and preventing theft. But what is an integrated security system?

An integrated security system takes multiple systems and combines them to create a single and more practical solution. You may have video surveillance, access control and an intrusion alarm working to keep your business safe – but integrating them can benefit your business greatly.

1) Centralisation

The centralisation of a system can prove to be a huge asset in any business. It’s beneficial to businesses as it allows your security operations to be controlled from a single point of contact. Management and owners can get their reports from a single place as opposed to visiting all areas of the security system individually for any feedback – this saves much time and increases organisation within your business.

2) Saving money

Integrated systems save businesses money over time. If a theft or burglary occurs and you’re unable to access all areas of your security in order to determine what happened or to possibly have stopped it happening in the first place, the cost could be burdened by your business, and it can prove difficult to take action to recover the losses. However, with an integrated system you can protect your business by having a centralised source to turn to to find out what happened in the event of theft and potentially bring action against the person who carried it out to recover your losses. Integrated systems also save money by having everything in one place and being managed by fewer people.

It is important that you are proactive when it comes to protecting your assets from crimes such as theft and the potential losses this could bring your business. Having an integrated security system can put you in the best position to minimise security breaches whilst also providing a number of other benefits such as increased productivity within your workforce and lower costs to the business over the long term.

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