What is a PIDS security system?


One benefit of the technological advances we have seen recently has been the extra choices available to protect your business with. The latest security systems make it easier than ever to secure your perimeter from intruders. From pulse monitored fencing to perimeter RADAR, there is a wide selection of systems you could use. One very popular choice for many sites though is a PIDS system – but what exactly is this?

What is a PIDS system?

The name stands for perimeter intrusion detection system and this gives a good idea of what it offers. This type of security measure will detect the presence of intruder’s on any perimeter it is installed along. Once triggered, it will provide early warning to your security staff of any potential break-in. PIDS systems are typically used in conjunction with security fencing and this sees a sensor cable attached to fencing which picks up any unauthorised vibrations or tampering. It is not just fencing where a PIDS system can prove useful – it can also be applied to buildings or individual rooms if required.

What benefits does it deliver?

The major benefits of this system is the ability it gives to effectively secure any perimeter and get early warning of any potential issues. This extra time allows your staff to deal with any problems in a calm and robust manner, without being caught out by the element of surprise.

PIDS systems are also very flexible which means they are ideal for use in an integrated set-up. Able to work with other critical methods like CCTV, this system can be a central part of a more joined-up approach if needed. PIDS are also ideal for use across a wide range of sites from industrial to manufacturing and sites of national importance. If you plan to attach it to security fencing, it also works with all major types – from palisade to woven or welded mesh.

Call Harper Chalice for top-class PIDS installation

Now you know exactly what this system involves and what it offers, you might be keen to have it installed on your premises. Here at Harper Chalice, we are experts in the installation of bespoke PIDS systems to all kinds of business and organisations. Call today on 024 7642 1300 for more details.

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