What is pulse monitored fencing?


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monitored fencing
is a high-security solution for businesses. Formally known as electric fencing, pulse monitored fencing both detects and deters intruders from attempting to break into your compound. These custom-built security systems can be perfect for high-security locations and here we explore why this fencing offers the most superior perimeter protection there is.

Deterring criminals

There is no better deterrent for criminals than a well-protected compound that is surrounded by electric fencing. Not only is this intimidating, but it is also very difficult to break through. Electric currents cannot be covered easily to enable you to climb over and the risk of being electrocuted is very high, so criminals will often decide that it is not worth it and will look for a less well-protected location to attack.

Catching criminals

The beauty of a pulse monitored fence is that it is constantly sending regulated electrical pulses through the fence line to a receiver. This has the added benefit that it is easy to detect if there are any changes that are made to the pulse or any breaks in the connection. This gives you an early warning system if someone is breaking through your perimeter fence, meaning that you can identify a breach immediately. With this early warning, you can alert the authorities and will have a greatly improved chance of catching the culprit before they get away with your goods.

Highly adaptable

Pulse monitored fencing is also highly adaptable for your requirements, meaning that you have complete control over the set up and management of the fencing. The perimeter will be easily scalable as required and you can identify select areas of the fence to monitor too. This means you will know that a breach has occurred on the south wall or on the vehicle storage unit within seconds of a breach occurring. This high level of monitoring and adaptability will allow you to scramble quickly and get your security to the right location immediately.

Pulse monitored fencing is an excellent deterrent to criminals and a great detection system too. Identify any breach quickly and you’ll have a much better chance of catching them in the act.

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