Why an electric fence is right for your site


Why an electric fence is right for your site

When it comes to fencing options, finding the best for your site can be difficult. When we look at securing a site, there are often two main factors to consider. The first is that the fence can keep unwanted visitors out, the second being the cost of doing so. If your site houses expensive equipment that is crucial to your business operations, then you need to make sure that thieves are kept at bay. Electric fencing has been used for years in a variety of industries; farming is probably the one that most people are familiar with. However, it also has its place as a security measure.

Thieves are getting cleverer

Intruders are finding new ways to access sites and bypass various security measures, including CCTV and other types of fencing. Electric fencing, on the other hand, is something that is often enough of a deterrent to keep intruders at bay. This is particularly true if fences are combined with other security measures such as perimeter intrusion detection technology. Displaying signs as a warning to intruders regarding electric fencing can help to prevent any unwanted visitors from trying to gain access to your site.

A flexible security fencing option

Most traditional fencing doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to on-site installation. Electric fencing, however, can be easily customised to suit your site without unnecessary costs. Furthermore, electric security fencing doesn’t take long to install, meaning that your operations won’t be on hold. Often, installing new security measures can mean that areas of your site can be off-limits for a substantial period of time. This kind of pause to operations for a large business can have a detrimental effect on profits and cost business owners more than they bargained for.

Low maintenance

Unlike CCTV and other security measures that require monitoring, an electric fence and a perimeter intrusion detection system exist independently and automatically trigger if necessary. This means costs can be saved on security staffing, and mean any security staff that are present on-site can use their time more effectively. Additionally, this type of system doesn’t require a large amount of maintenance and can easily be turned on and off when needed by security managers.

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