Why electric fencing is the latest security trend of 2018


Electric fencing has been used for decades to keep livestock in their pens. It is easy to set up and after about a week of allowing livestock to live in an electric fenced pen, they will have all touched it and learnt not to go near it ever again.

However, with the rise of secure houses being burgled, home owners are turning to electric security fences to provide a solution. It is known that burglars will raid the most easily accessible homes, but with the rise of alarms and fencing, this may now even include your secure house. Electric security fencing provides an even greater deterrent against burglary. It is more sophisticated than livestock fencing and can be adapted to suit a range of houses and buildings.

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One of the best parts about electric fences is that they provide a two-layer deterrent. Firstly, it psychologically puts intruders off. Reading that the fence will shock them will already make most people wary of touching or approaching it. They are likely to try to find an easier target.

For those intruders bold enough to try to scale the fence, it provides a safe but painful electric shock, making it almost impossible to make it over the fence. The fencing is generally very high, providing another deterrent to would-be burglars.

It is safe?

Properly set up fences will give a short sharp shock from a safe high-voltage when it is touched. This provides enough of a barrier to prevent intruders without causing lasting harm to them. However, it must be installed by professionally trained and competent staff to ensure it complies with all of the required British Standards and safety requirements.

It is therefore important that you choose a company who provides a specialist electric security fencing system such as our Pulsesecure Electric Security Fencing.

How we can help

All of our fences conform to the highest safety standards and are made to last. Designed to give you absolute peace of mind and security, our fences will protect your entire perimeter.

For further peace of mind, we can also combine electric security fencing with CCTV and remote monitoring, so you can know that your assets are safe even if you are on holiday.

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