Why should you choose electrified perimeter fencing?


If you own or are responsible for a business, your top priority will be keeping it safe and secure. Thieves love nothing more than scantily protected business premises or industrial property.

Installing electrified perimeter fencing ensures that your business is kept secure, giving you peace of mind so that you can focus on making your business the best it can be. Electric security fencing provides an imposing barrier to would-be thieves. Still, if an intruder does decide to try their luck, they will suffer a non-lethal shock preventing them from continuing.

Of course, the best security system will also incorporate an alarm system, which will notify you if a person attempts to gain entry to your premises via the electric fencing. Continue reading to discover just some of the reasons why choosing electrified perimeter fencing may be the best decision you ever make for your business.

1. Deterrence

Thieves are often opportunistic, so if the opportunity for burglary does not present itself they will probably move on. An electrified security fence ensures that potential intruders will have to think twice before engaging in any criminal activity.

2. Ease of installation

Electrified perimeter fencing is easy to install as it might not even require new fencing to be installed. Sometimes a pre-existing fence can be electrified, or you can choose to have a new electrified fencing system installed around the perimeter of your industrial or commercial property. Electrified fencing can also be installed alongside your current fencing to provide and extra barrier against potential criminal activity.

3. Easy maintenance

Electrified perimeter fencing is easy to install and to maintain. Aside from periodic risk assessment, involving a thorough check of the voltage emitted and an inspection of the perimeter, there is very little need for further maintenance.

4. Safety

Electrified perimeter fencing is far safer than other intrusion deterrents such as barbed wire. Barbed wire can cause fatal injuries, whereas electric fencing cannot. Although the safety of potential intruders is probably not on the top of your priority list, it is an important concern, especially when legal and public liability may be an issue.

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