Will Brexit affect electric fence operation?


With the date for Brexit currently set for the end of January 2020, businesses in all sectors are poised to see what will have to be done differently once the UK officially leaves the EU. When it comes to electric fencing, the two main considerations are: will it still be legal to operate electric fencing; and will existing electric fencing comply with legislation now that EU regulations no longer apply? Here we take a look at both these concerns to provide some clarification.

Electric fencing will remain legal

There is absolutely no indication that the legal position on electric fencing will change once the UK leaves Europe. The current position is that it is perfectly legal to install and operate electric fencing, provided it is clearly signposted as such and is wholly on private land. What this means for both landowners who have already installed an electric fence or those who wish to do so, is that they should be able to operate their fencing in exactly the same way as is permitted now.

What legislation will electric fencing need to comply with in the absence of EU regulation?

What the HSE states, quite clearly, is that, at least in the short term, regulations will remain unchanged, despite the UK exiting the EU. Whilst legislation and guidelines need to be changed in order to reflect the fact that the UK will no longer be in the union, the substance of the regulations will stay the same. So for existing owners and operators, electric fencing will need to comply with exactly the same specifications as it does at the moment, regardless of Brexit. Whilst in the future it could well be the case that regulations are amended and reconsidered, there’s certainly nothing to suggest that this will occur in the next few years.

What does this mean for my business?

Whilst other aspects of Brexit may impact business operation, it’s highly unlikely that any fresh barriers will be created when it comes to electric fencing. Obviously we are monitoring the situation closely and will let you know should further developments occur in this area.

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