How secure is your Plant Depot?

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Do you have issue’s with thefts from your depot? Loss of fuel? Damage to your plant?

Effective perimeter protection should form an integral part of any security strategy when it comes to depot protection. The sooner a threat can be detected the better. If the threat is detected at the depot perimeter before the potential intruders have set foot on your property the more time and space you have available to react. This increased reaction time leads to a greater possibility of a favourable resolution to security breaches.

When it comes to providing effective protection against intruders, the first line of defence should be to secure the perimeter. Harper Chalice has a wealth of experience in this area and a range of solutions to suit all situations.


Perimeter intrusion detection systems which are also highly visible, such as the PulseSecure Electric Fence, are important in deterring would be intruders. It creates both a physical and psychological deterrent and the sight of the PulseSecure system will often stop an intrusion attempt before it begins, with intruders preferring softer targets. Therefore deterrence can be the most desired requirement of a good physical security measure.

British Made

Harper Chalice is a British manufacturer of Electronic Perimeter Security Systems (PIDs). Our systems are currently used worldwide to protect a multitude of facilities. You will find our products protecting sites of critical national importance (such as power stations and transport hubs), warehouses, storage compounds, retailers and private residences (such as palaces, mansions and small residential).

Harper Chalice Group are part of the “Combined Industry Theft Solutions” (CITS), and offer industry knowledge in securing perimeters