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TriSecure Complete Perimeter Detection System

A Complete Perimeter Security System

The TriSecure system has been developed as a secure perimeter security solution for the protection of high security sites. In principal TriSecure is the combination of multiple systems to produce one perimeter security solution. The basis of the TriSecure system is a minimum 2.4m high security mesh fencing system which creates a physical security barrier for the protected area. The FenceSecure Microphonic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is applied to the mesh fencing system and set up to detect cutting and penetration of the fence fabric.

A minimum 1.2m high PulseSecure PROTECTOR electrified topping is installed to the top of the host fence as an ideal anti-climb deterrent and detection system. The solution has been designed to maximise the benefits of each system while minimising the limitations of the singular technology.

Both the PulseSecure topping and FenceSecure PID operate and are controlled via our SecureBus Security communications network. This presents TriSecure to the site and operators as a single system. TriSecure and SecureBus provide total control and monitoring of the system from a central location allowing live system feedback on the system performance in the field.

SecureBus is a software based network solution and can be fully integrated to existing or new Security management systems. Drivers already exist for many market leading SMS solutions.

Perimeter Security Features & Benefits

  • Both the FenceSecure and PulseSecure PROTECTOR systems are CPNI approved in their own right. Therefore the technologies as standalone systems have a proven level of performance.
  • The security mesh creates a high security barrier which is difficult to penetrate, cut or climb whilst still providing good visibility through the fence for alarm verification. Penetration attack and cutting is protected against, using the microphonic PID system, FenceSecure.
  • The FenceSecure PID system can be set up to detect the cut through and penetration attack as the topping provides the anti-climb protection. This enables the system to be set up to minimise false alarms whilst still giving total protection of the fence fabric.
  • The PulseSecure PROTECTOR electrified topping provides climb over protection of the perimeter. A visible deterrent and detection system, the PulseSecure PROTECTOR topping provides an effective double pole high security topping.
  • All HV wires associated with the PulseSecure topping are at high level only. This removes the operational fears of accidental contact and shock to operators, staff and contractors.
  • The system design also reduces the maintenance requirements typically associated with electrified fence systems as the wires are only at the top of the fence.
  • TriSecure operates over SecureBus, our security network solution. The system is a high security network solution that utilises a fault tolerant.

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TriSecure Brochure

Download the latest TriSecure brochure from Harper Chalice to provide you with the best possible information for your specification.

CAD Drawings

Download the latest TriSecure CAD Drawing from Harper Chalice to provide you with the correct information for your specification.