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RapidPulse Rapid Deploy Electric Fencing System Temporary Electric Fencing

RapidPulse is the latest development from Harper Chalice in the Pulse Monitored Electric Fence Market. Rapid Pulse carriers all of the same benefits of the standard PulseSecure system manufactured by Harper Chalice but comes in a modular design to allow rapid deployment into the field.

Developed in Partnership with fellow British Manufacturers, Zaun Group and Highway Care, RapidPulse comes pre-assembled onto the SecureGuard fencing system. The combination of both solutions allow an area to be secured with perimeter intrusion detection as well as HVM protection very quickly.

RapidPulse with SecureGuard can be deployed into an area without the need for civil works or any ground works. The full system can be deployed in a matter of hours providing complete protection of a site or area.

As with the standard Pulse monitored electric fence systems, it provides a psychological barrier as well as physical deterrent.

The RapidPulse system also provides a fantastic solution for temporary security when a breach in a permanent perimeter is required without reducing the overall protection of the site. Quickly and easily deployed and adjusted it is the flexibility and performance of the system that sets it aside from other temporary solutions.

The system is fully compliant with BS 1722 Part 14 and Part 17. It can be supplied either Galvanised or Polyester Powder Coated with all system components manufactured in the UK.

  • Proven fence system design
  • HVM mitigation
  • Proven performance from Pulse Monitored Electric fence
  • Modular Design for efficient installation
  • UK Design & Manufacture
  • Flexible System design to Meet site requirements
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Rapid Deployment
  • No Civil works required
  • Compliant with BS1722 Part 14 and Part 17