RapidSecure – Rapid Deploy PIDs System

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RapidSecure is the rapid deployable version of our FenceSecure system. FenceSecure is an approved solution for many high security and government applications and has been deployed successfully on many high profile projects. RapidSecure takes that same technology and proven performance and allows it to be utilised on a rapid deployable fence.

Pre-assembled onto the mesh panels, RapidSecure uses a “plug & play” design to allow completed flexibility and speed of installation. Installation is simple and easy meaning that the system can be operational and providing protection against intrusion very quickly.

Able to detect intruders cutting and climbing the fence fabric, the system provides early warning of attempted breach of the perimeter and allows the relevant response to be organised quickly. When integrated with CCTV the solution can provide complete protection and monitoring of a secure boundary meaning the requirement for security patrols is reduced and allows more centralised or focussed response teams.

The flexibility of the Rapid Secure system also means that when a temporary or semi-permanent perimeter needs to be adjusted or relocated, it isn’t a problem. Simply disconnect, move and reconnect the system using the “plug & play” solution to restore the fully operation perimeter protection solution.

Harper Chalice are a UK Manufacturer specialising in Perimeter Intrusion detection with years of experience manufacturing and installing systems on High Security applications, these latest system developments further identify our continued commitment to Product development and our customer needs.

  • “Plug & Play” Design
  • Flexibility of system
  • Easily adjusted and relocated
  • No civil works required
  • UK Design & Manufacture
  • Low power consumption