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Harper Chalice is an employee-owned business; the company is owned and operated by a trust on behalf of the employees. This ensures that all of our employees are committed to the business’s success and provide the best possible service to our customers.

All of our systems and components are manufactured in the UK; this ensures we have maximum control over quality and lead times. It also ensures that the carbon footprint of the production of systems is minimised.

We can provide systems that have been independently tested and approved to the highest standard. This approval provides independent assurance of the system performance both in terms of detection and false alarm rates.

All of our systems are designed to be integrated into a single solution. As we can offer a complete range of systems and technology, we are interested in providing the right technology and systems in the right locations to ensure the system performs.

We can provide full system design in house, from mechanical design to system architecture. Providing fully details CAD drawings and schematic designs. Our design team have over 100 years experience of in the security industry and have a great understanding of the challenges of security system design.

We are an ISO 9001 accredited company committed to quality and customer service. This enables us to offer a standard 3-year warranty on all system components and craft.

ISO9001 Certificate