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Security Cage Strong Room Detection System

CageSecure “High security” perimeter security systems are designed for the protection of goods or plant being secured within high security cages. CageSecure systems are suitable for the protection of internal or external security cages.

CageSecure Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems detect noises and vibrations that occur during intrusion attempts. The basis of the detection system is Vibewire piezoelectric cable which is attached to the fabric of the cage / structure to be protected. Any attempt to penetrate the structure creates a series of mechanical noises / vibrations which are detected by the Vibewire sensor cable and converted into electrical signals.

The CageSecure SA1000 analyser is set up to detect attempts to penetrate the fabric of the protected cage. A complete range of installation accessories are available to cover all types of installation and application requirements.

Vibewire has optimum detection and signal to noise ratio for improved detection and reduced nuisance alarms. Vibewire sensor cable is extremely versatile and has almost no limitations with regard to detection capability and is applied for the protection of all types of security structures, cages, walls, floors and roofs.

CageSecure perimeter intrusion detection systems comprise of SA1000 analysers and Vibewire sensor cable. CageSecure systems are fully monitored, powered by 12 volts dc; Clean alarm relay contacts are provided for each zone plus tamper alarm for interfacing directly with all types of security management and monitoring systems.

CageSecure systems are designed using standard components configured and installed to meet with the specific cage design, dimensions and operational requirements. The illustrations opposite show typical designs for the installation of CageSecure systems.

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CageSecure Brochure

Download the latest CageSecure brochure from Harper Chalice to provide you with the best possible information for your specification.