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Wallsecure SIDS Acoustic Intruder Detection


WallSecure Acoustic Intruder Detection uses special SIDS analysers combined with VibeWire piezoelectric cable to create a fully monitored perimeter intrusion detection. SIDS systems can be used to protect entire walls, floors, buildings and roof tops. The unobtrusive system provides early detection of would-be intruders attempting to penetrate walls, floors, roofs and structures protected by the system. WallSecure is designed for optimum security, efficiency, ease of installation and use. The seismic detection system is operated by 12 to 24 v DC and is fully monitored and zoned.

How WallSecure is applied

VibeWire piezoelectric cable is applied to the walls or roof to be protected within a specially designed aluminium conduit. The conduit provides additional protection of the VibeWire whilst providing a secure method of fixing, which also enhances the detection characteristics of the system. The WallSecure Acoustic Intruder Detection system will detect seismic noise and vibrations up to 2 metres from the VibeWire piezoelectric sensor cable.

WallSecure has been designed with a complete range of installation accessories to simplify system design, installation planning and reduce installation time. Depending on the structure being protected, the design and construction of the WallSecure system is adapted accordingly to provide optimum detection and system reliability. For new build projects it is possible for the conduits containing the VibeWire piezoelectric sensor cable to be concealed within the walls or roof structures, for complete covert detection.

Where to use WallSecure Acoustic Intruder Detection

WallSecure Acoustic Intruder Detection is used to provide complete perimeter protection of walls, roofs and floors to provide detection of intrusion through the fabric of protected perimeter areas. Unlike conventional intruder alarm volumetric detection systems WallSecure cannot be blocked or masked, making it ideal for warehouse, strongroom and high security applications.

Depending on the materials used to construct the perimeter walls, roof or floor, the type and installation of the VibeWire piezoelectric sensor cable will vary accordingly. Perimeter walls and areas protected by a single zone of WallSecure must be constructed of the same material and method. If the construction of the area being protected changes it is necessary to start a new zone in order to optimise the system to the surface being protected.

Features & Benefits

  • Seismic Intrusion Detection System
  • Complete Perimeter Protection
  • High Security
  • Suitable for wall and roof protection
  • Easy to install
  • VibeWire piezoelectric cable
  • Alarm relay outputs
  • Single or Dual zone analysers
  • Operates from 12 to 24v DC