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Tips for maintaining & maximising your electric fencing

Tips for maintaining & maximising electric fencing

Hiring experts in perimeter security solutions is just the first step to ensuring that your business and its valuables/assets are protected. The next step is to ensure that you put in the effort to maintain and maximise the electric fencing…
The development of perimeter RADAR technology for security

The development of perimeter RADAR technology for security

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As early as 1904, Christian Hülsmeyer patented the first RADAR, called an obstacle detector and ship navigation device. It was based on experiments by Heinrich Hertz in 1888 in which the polarisation dependent reflection of electromagnetic waves was detected. The…
Should I fit pulse monitored fencing to my business site?

Should I fit pulse monitored fencing to my business site?

Pulse monitored fencing is the modern solution for perimeter security and a form of electric fencing. Adding pulse monitored fencing to your site gives extra security and protection for your property and combines well with features such as CCTV monitoring…

What are integrated perimeter security systems?

Valuables must be secured and protected from being stolen, damaged or misused. Be it a private, commercial or industrial property, a sound security system is the favourable option if one is looking to have some peace of mind. While you…
protect your business from intruders

Effective ways to protect your business from intruders

If you own a business, then you need to find an effective way to protect it. Being able to stop people trespassing onto your grounds or the actual physical premises is a must. This will not only help to keep…
Security market

Security market to experience strong growth

A report on the global perimeter security market has highlighted that this sector is set for strong growth in the period from 2019 to 2026 (“Outdoor Perimeter Security Market” from MarketResearchReports.biz). The research included analysis of the global sector, with…
integrated security systems

What are the benefits of integrated security systems?

Integrating your security systems can have many benefits for your business, including but not limited to boosting productivity and preventing theft. But what is an integrated security system? An integrated security system takes multiple systems and combines them to create…
deterred from your business

Not just thieves that need to be deterred from your business

When businesses are looking to protect their premises, they often consider the impact of equipment, stock and assets being stolen. However, it isn’t the only danger or risk that is out there. In fact, there are several other risks for…
In the digital age, it's essential to never forget physical security

In the digital age, it’s essential to never forget physical security

We are in an era where digital is dominant. We are constantly bombarded with the latest technological developments, and are increasingly living our lives online. However, while more and more people understand the importance of digital security, it can be…
Factors to consider on the selection of any PIDs system

Factors to consider on the selection of any PIDs system

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) are used to detect the presence of trespassers in and around a property or restricted environment. There has been a rapid increase in the adoption of Fibre Optic technology, which has made Distributed Acoustic Sensing…
TriSecure Complete Perimeter Detection System electric security fencing

Why your business needs electric security fencing

Whatever market or sector your company operates within, providing a safe and secure environment is an essential task for any business owner. There will always be thieves who look to target commercial and industrial properties, and thus it is important…
Why using a perimeter RADAR is a sound security investment

Why using a perimeter RADAR is a sound security investment

You manage a huge warehouse or airport containing expensive and sensitive equipment. You’ve installed state of the art CCTV cameras all around the perimeter and make a point of checking it regularly to ensure intruders aren’t getting in, and things…
Why consult experts for perimeter security solutions

Why consult experts for perimeter security solutions

Increasing terrorist threats, the need to reduce manpower costs and issues around illegal migration, are just some of the reasons why facilities need to block unauthorised physical intruders. Though traditionally used in military facilities, perimeter security is now being used…
Audit Fencing

How – and how often – do you audit security fencing?

“Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive” – Andy Grove, author and founder of Intel. Heightened security fears around sensitive commercial and public sector properties are leading to more regular evaluation of both physical barriers and the…
Construction Site

Tips for Keeping a Secure Construction Site

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It’s estimated that every week in the UK, around £1,000,000 worth of equipment is stolen from building sites. That’s a staggering figure on its own, but even more astounding is that it’s estimated that less than 10% of that is…

Why should you use a PIDS system to protect your warehouse?

If you own a warehouse that houses valuable stock worth lots of money, then you need to find a way to keep it secure. Not only could break-ins result in your business not having the stock it needs to operate,…

The varied benefits of electric fencing

Businesses looking for an efficient and highly economical way of protecting their premises have long turned to electric fencing…

Smart Fencing System

Does my facility need a smart fencing system?

It can be quite easy to get complacent when it comes to existing security. Just because a break-in hasn’t occurred doesn’t automatically mean that a fencing system is effective, and care needs to be taken to ensure that perimeters and…
electric fencing psychology

Electric fencing psychology

Electric fencing was first implemented over 80 years ago in the early 1930s, and yet today it remains one of the most commonly…

Designing a Security System

Designing a security system

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It’s an unfortunate reality that every type of business needs some kind of security to keep it safe from vandals…

UK Security Expo

UK Security Expo 2017

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Today Harper Chalice Group will be exhibiting at UK Security Expo 2017. Harper Chalice are returning to the show for the second year running, this time we are exhibiting our range of perimeter detection products on the Zaun Group stand, J57.…
Catalytic Converter Theft

Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft

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Catalytic converters, devices located in the exhaust system of most vehicles on the road today, are a common target for thieves as they contain precious metals and are high in…