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PulseSecure is a “pulsed” electrified perimeter intrusion deterrent and detection system. Unlike other perimeter security systems, PulseSecure pulse monitored fencing security systems actively protect perimeter boundaries and property against unauthorised access.

PulseSecure perimeter security systems are safe and legal for the protection of people and property and have been adopted by many national and international companies as their chosen first line of defence for the protection of their assets and property.

Pulse monitored fencing systems are legal and safe and provide the first line of defence for the safety of your company assets, people and property.


Harper Chalice Group Installation Standards & Code of Practice ensures that all PulseSecure systems are installed in accordance with BS1722 part 17 standard as a minimum standard to ensure safe and reliable installations. PulseSecure systems are only available from Harper Chalice Group via their Accredited Dealers.

All Accredited Dealers are contractually bound to Harper Chalice Group to install PulseSecure in accordance with BS1722 part 17, BSEN60335 and Harper Chalice Group Installation Standards & Code of Practice.

Features & Benefits

  • Physical and psychological barrier
  • Fully compliant with national and international standards including BSEN 60335 and BS1722 part 17
  • Quality assured – Accredited Dealer Network
  • Modular design
  • Easily integrated into existing CCTV & Security Management Systems

Why PulseSecure?

PulseSecure electrified perimeter security systems deter, detect, deny and defend against attempts to gain unauthorised access, with a short, sharp, regulated safe but painful electric shock.

PulseSecure – Both a Physical and Psychological barrier against intruders

PulseSecure pulsed electrified perimeter security systems provide total security and protection of the protected perimeter or boundary. The construction of the PulseSecure system creates a psychological and physical barrier through or over which would-be intruders would have to pass to achieve their objective. By design PulseSecure systems actively defend… deter…deny…& detect…attempts to gain unauthorised access by a short, sharp, regulated safe but painful electric shock.

In addition alarm outputs are provided to indicate the zone or area alarmed. The alarm outputs can be interfaced with CCTV systems for alarm verification and local or remote monitoring and response.

All PulseSecure components fully comply with the requirements of all National and International safety standards including: BS1722 part 17 and IEC 60335 – British Standards and European norm BS EN60335.

Installation Applications

Using standard system components and accessories, PulseSecure systems can be easily tailored and installed to meet with specific application and site requirements. PulseSecure systems can be constructed on fences, walls, rooftops and structures, to protect all sites from small/medium commercial to vast perimeter boundaries and national borders.

Compliance Certification

On completion, every PulseSecure system is inspected for compliance with BS1722 part 17 and Harper Chalice Group’s Installation Standards and Code of Practice.

Quality Assured – Accredited Dealer Network

To ensure that PulseSecure systems are designed, installed and maintained to the appropriate standards, PulseSecure systems are only available via our network of Accredited Dealers. Our dealers are contractually bound and trained in the design, installation and maintenance of PulseSecure systems.


Upon completion and commissioning all PulseSecure system installations are inspected in accordance with the standards and, providing compliant, a Certificate of Compliance is issued for each installation.

Security Installation Specification

PulseSecure system components have been designed for optimum security, reliability, life-expectancy, and ease of installation and specification. The PulseSecure specification document

allows users and specifiers the opportunity to specify the optimum PulseSecure system for each application and level of security required.


The pulsed energy used to electrify PulseSecure systems complies with National and International Standards and is therefore safe.

PulseSecure systems are designed and installed in accordance with BS1722 part 17, BS EN 60335 and Harper Chalice Group Limited Installation Standards & Code of Practice. This is to ensure PulseSecure systems are installed to be compliant with the standards and that due care and consideration has been taken regarding the safety of the system design and installation methods.

In accordance with Harper Chalice Group “Installation Standards & Code of Practice” PulseSecure international warning signs are positioned at 10 metre intervals, at every change of direction and on every gate. This is to advise would-be intruders of the presence of the PulseSecure pulsed electrified system.

If intruders choose to ignore the warning signs and come into contact with the PulseSecure system, a short, sharp, regulated safe, but painful electric shock will repel them.

The safe design and construction of the PulseSecure system and presence of warning signs addresses Duty of Care requirements. The pulsed energy used to monitor the perimeter and repel intruders is regulated safe.

Would-be intruders who come into contact with the system are therefore legally repelled by reasonable force. It is the law of the land that you can legally protect people, property and assets by “Reasonable Force”

Features & Benefits

  • Complements new or existing high security fencing
  • Provides a reliable perimeter protection
  • Not affected by vibration or adverse weather conditions
  • Easily interfaced with other security systems
  • Visual deterrent to any would be intruder
  • Also ensures intruders and potential vandals cannot breach the fence

Brochure Download

Download the latest PulseSecure brochure from Harper Chalice to provide you with the best possible information for your specification.

Drawing Download

Download the latest PulseSecure CAD Drawing from Harper Chalice to provide you with the correct information for your specification.