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A Security Communications Network

SecureBus is a security communications network developed by Harper Chalice to manage multiple security devices across a site and monitor alarm sensors. Designed with security in mind, the network provides robust communications with fault detection and tolerance.

All next generation system controllers – for both electrified systems (PulseSecure) and microphonic PID systems (FenceSecure, WallSecure, CageSecure) come with built in comms ready to operate on the SecureBus network.

This provides a common infrastructure regardless of which technology is used to protect the site and also allows users to use combinations of technology on the same site without needing separate control systems.

SecureBus also allows two way communications with the field controllers, allowing the user to have complete control over the system settings and also be able to gain feedback from the system to confirm current system settings, performance and confirmed receipt of commands.

Able to be integrated into other SMS systems via TCP/IP or to act as the main SMS system accepting inputs and outputs for other 3rd party devices SecureBus has been designed to be a flexible system able to be adapted to suit the needs and requirements of each site or client.

SMS Control: The SecureBus security communications network can interface to 3rd party security management systems, with just one IP connection, an SMS can control and monitor security devices across a whole site. The IP interface allows access to the full range of features such as event log, system status, sensitivity controls and audio streaming.

Long Range: Each network allows up to a hundred SecureBus devices on a network. Devices can be several hundred meters apart allowing SecureBus to potentially cover tens of kilometres on a single network.

Touch Screen Keypad: SecureBus can be controlled using a touch screen keypad, giving the user an intuitive and ergonomic interface. The keypad provides many useful features for the user such as system controls, a colour coded event log, system overview, site maps with zone indicators.

The keypad can also be used by the engineer for commissioning and testing, providing features such as network diagnostics, sensitivity adjustments and user setup.

Programmable Cause and Effect: all inputs on the network can be individually programmed for different contact types and selected when to be active / inactive.

Outputs across a SecureBus security communications network can be programmed to respond to specific zones or groups of zones or to respond to network wide features such as intruder alarm, timers, tamper etc.

CageSecure Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems detect noises and vibrations that occur during intrusion attempts. The basis of the detection system is Vibewire piezoelectric cable which is attached to the fabric of the cage / structure to be protected. Any attempt to penetrate the structure creates a series of mechanical noises / vibrations which are detected by the Vibewire sensor cable and converted into electrical signals.

The CageSecure SA1000 analyser is set up to detect attempts to penetrate the fabric of the protected cage. A complete range of installation accessories are available to cover all types of installation and application requirements.

Vibewire has optimum detection and signal to noise ratio for improved detection and reduced nuisance alarms. Vibewire sensor cable is extremely versatile and has almost no limitations with regard to detection capability and is applied for the protection of all types of security structures, cages, walls, floors and roofs.

CageSecure perimeter intrusion detection systems comprise of SA1000 analysers and Vibewire sensor cable. CageSecure systems are fully monitored, powered by 12 volts dc; Clean alarm relay contacts are provided for each zone plus tamper alarm for interfacing directly with all types of security management and monitoring systems.

CageSecure systems are designed using standard components configured and installed to meet with the specific cage design, dimensions and operational requirements. The illustrations opposite show typical designs for the installation of CageSecure systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Input / Output Expander – Use remote inputs to monitor sensors such as gate/door contacts, tampers, PIRs etc. Programmable outputs for control of security lights, gate motors, CCTV cameras, alarm bells etc.
  • Electric Fence Energiser – Control and monitor Harper Chalice’s top of the range electric fence energisers, the highest CPNI rated electric fence available. SecureBus allows remote changes to sensitivity and additional diagnostics along with integration of the on board inputs and outputs to the SecureBus network. SecureBus manages synchronisation of high voltage pulsing via the network.
  • Acoustic Fence Detector – Control and monitor Harper Chalice’s NOMS approved digital acoustic PIDS analyser. SecureBus allows users to remotely listen to the audio feed from any analyser on the network along with remote control of sensitivity and remote testing. The analyser also comes with two alarm inputs for use with SecureBus.

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SecureBus Brochure

Download the latest SecureBus brochure from Harper Chalice to provide you with the best possible information for your specification