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PIDS microphonic detection cables

Perimeter Intrusion Detection PIDS FenceSecure


A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System specifically designed for use on perimeter security fences including mesh and palisade to detect intrusion attempts on a site.


A Seismic Intrusion Detection System, specifically designed for use on walls of buildings to detect any intrusion attempt on a building.

CageSecure Intrusion Detection


A Perimeter Intrusion Detection System specifically designed for use within security cages to detect any intrusion attempt.

RapidSecure Rapidly Deployable Pids System


A rapidly deployable perimeter intrusion detection system that is simple, fast and easy to install

PIDS accelerometer detection cables

G-Fence 3000

Autonomous fence-mounted intrusion detection system

Electric Fences

PulseSecure Electric Security Fencing

PulseSecure Protector

The most advanced electric security fencing system and also available in five configurations, providing the ultimate solution for every application.


A pulse monitored electric fencing system, specifically designed for use on walls or fencing to provide a secure deterrent.

RapidPulse Rapid Deploy Electric Fencing System Temporary Electric Fencing


Rapid Pulse carriers all of the same benefits of PulseSecure system but in a modular design to allow rapid deployment into the field.


TriSecure Complete Perimeter Detection System


The most complete perimeter security system on the market. Approved by CPNI and featuring PIDS, Pulse Monitored Fencing & Mesh or Palisade fencing.


HatchSecure stands out with its modular design, allowing for the seamless integration of various ancillary sensor devices.


Harbinger is a system designed to assist in the detection of potential hostile vehicle incursions.


The Harper Chalice ProSecure is a compact multi-sensor Intruder Detection System (IDS) that includes microphonic detection technology.

Infrared barriers

Maxiris barrier


Very high-performance active infrared barrier

Solaris NG

The SOLARIS NG independent columns form a real immaterial wall of detection.

Dual technologies detectors

Piramid ATEX

This product assures the protection of hazardous locations due to the presence of flammable gasses or vapours, combustible dusts, easily ignitable fibres or flying sparks.


SecureBus Security Network System


A Security Communications Network that enables monitoring and integration with multiple security devices around a site.