UK Manufacturing Key to Harper Chalice Success

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Harper Chalice are the UK’s leading manufacturer of perimeter detection systems. Within their range they include perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS), electrified pulse monitored electric security fence systems and radar based intrusion detection systems.

This range of products mean that regardless of what type or size of perimeter you have, they have the detection system to suit your needs. Their rage of products also contain varying levels of security and security ratings from the very high security solutions required for the protection of CNI or government specified projects through to smaller commercial applications.

This flexibility of solutions makes them a leading manufacturer and supplier of perimeter detection systems and has led to significant success and growth over recent years. With ever evolving threats and rising crime rates, the need to protect assets has arguably never been higher.

One of the factors that set Harper Chalice apart is their commitment to UK manufacturing. Harper Chalice Managing Director, Chris Hackett said “one of our key USP’s and defining characteristics is our commitment to UK manufacturing. All of our systems are manufactured within the UK. Elements are subcontracted through practicality but even then, we only use UK manufactures to ensure we continue to support UK manufacturing”.

As well as UK manufacturing, all of the design work, software development and technical support is UK based. Technical Director, Stuart Pheasey added “this in-house, UK based technical assistance and development is key to delivering the high levels of service our customers expect and deserve. Having the design team and development team all within our head office in Coventry means that full customer support can be provided quickly and efficiently”.

Harper Chalice attribute much of their continued success to the quality and customer support that UK manufacturing has enabled them to offer to their client base.

In 2016 the company was purchased from the previous owner and transitioned to an employee owned business. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength and shown significant growth year on year. It is clear that the company and its employees put this, in part at least, down to its UK manufacturing capability and are committed to continuing to support it.