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Hatch detection system

HatchSecure stands out with its modular design, allowing for the seamless integration of various ancillary sensor devices. Whether it’s float sensors, tamper contacts, or magnetic sensors, our system provides flexibility to adapt to diverse security requirements. This modular approach enables users to customise their security setup, whether they are safeguarding a single hatch or implementing a comprehensive solution for multiple access points.

Comprehensive Sensor Capabilities

Equipped with a range of built-in sensors, HatchSecure offers comprehensive hatch monitoring capabilities. From detecting tilts, vibrations, and impacts to identifying sustained attacks or cutting torches, our system provides real-time alerts and notifications to security personnel. Furthermore, all sensors are programmable and can be fine-tuned to meet specific user requirements, ensuring precise and reliable detection tailored to each application.

Simplicity in Installation and Operation

Designed with user convenience in mind, HatchSecure is engineered to be simple and easy to use. The system seamlessly connects via an output board to any standard IDS alarm panel, whether existing or newly installed. This streamlined integration process means that HatchSecure can be installed and maintained by any trained security partner or integrator, minimising downtime and ensuring uninterrupted security coverage.

Scalability for Any Application

Whether securing a single hatch or implementing a complex security infrastructure across multiple access points, HatchSecure offers scalability to meet diverse application needs. Its modular nature and adaptable design make it suitable for a wide range of environments, from industrial facilities and warehouses to commercial buildings and critical infrastructure sites.

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HatchSecure Brochure

Download the latest HatchSecure brochure from Harper Chalice to provide you with the best possible information for your specification.