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Solaris NG

New Generation of high performance Autonomous

Infrared barrier

  •  EASY INSTALLATION : Autonomous barrier, no civil engineering or cabling
  •  RELIABILITY : Communication through secure and trusted radio protocol. High power of detection
  •  INNOVATION : 1st autonomous, long-range (100m) infrared barrier on the market
  •  New features : Train filtering functionnality, polyacetal housing option and configuration software


The SOLARIS NG independent columns form a real immaterial wall of detection. Powered by a solar panel and an integrated battery, no civil engineering is necessary during the installation. A radio mesh is then created by all the SOLARIS NG columns to transmit alarm information reliably and efficiently.
Each SOLARIS NG column integrates a very powerful radio transmitter/receiver with low power consumption.

When the infrared barrier detects an intrusion, the alarm information is received by all the nearby infrared columns which in turn retransmit it automatically. The alarm message is thus relayed up to a radio reception coordinator connected to the MAXIBUS UNIVERSAL hub. The alarm centre is then alerted to the intrusion.

Fully autonomous solution, no civil engineering

The infrared SOLARIS NG column is fully autonomous. Powered by a solar panel and an integrated battery, no civil engineering operation or wiring is necessary during installation.

The battery guarantees an excellent system autonomy (more than 1 month) and operating temperatures of – 40°C to +70°C. Each SOLARIS NG column is equipped with a radio transmitter / receiver from SORHEA. Thanks to a proprietary protocol, all the infrared columns form a secure mesh network.

This technology enables alarm information to take several paths simultaneously to reach the radio coordinator and thus ensure a high level of security. To reinforce the security of the information, a “watchdog” function surveys the correct functioning of the network.

  • The only autonomous barrier with such a high infrared density over a range of 100 meters.
  • Radio at the cutting edge of technology.
  • Train filtering functionnality for railway applications.
  • Polyacetal housing option available to secure specific sites.
  • Compliant with the highest international standards

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