How can a PIDs system benefit your business in 2021?


All businesses need to find ways to protect themselves, their staff and their site in 2021. If you are looking at the best systems to use in this regard, a perimeter intrusion detection system can help. Also known as PIDs, this solution can be customised to any size of site and is very effective. But what benefits could it deliver to your business in the next 12 months specifically?

Could help to reduce theft and vandalism

This is one of THE major benefits which a perimeter intrusion detection system provides to any business. Put simply, these systems are excellent at stopping intruders from getting onto your grounds. When fitted onto your current fencing, they really do offer an effective barrier to intruders. This can help stop people from accessing your site to vandalise property but also stops thieves from taking your stock or valuable office equipment.

Early warning of any suspicious activity

Security is as important as ever when running your own business in 2021. A PIDs system is a great option to consider, as it gives early warning of any suspicious activity. This is especially handy for vast sites which your security staff might struggle to fully cover or which has out of the way areas your security team might take a little time to reach. With the early warning PIDs gives, you will be aware of any unexpected activity in good time and able to head it off.

Helps to give total protection

Modern business security takes into account how important a fully integrated approach is. PIDs systems are able to work with your current security set-up, in order to enhance your protection. Whether you already have CCTV or security fencing, PIDs will integrate easily with them for enhanced coverage of your perimeter. This is naturally beneficial as it means you have more protection and more ways of keeping your site safe – all of which are compatible with one another.

Top class PIDs security from Harper Chalice

If you like the sound of what this type of security system offers and would like to know more, contact us today on 024 7642 1300. We specialise in these types of top-class systems and have the experience needed to professionally install yours.

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