3 benefits of RapidSecure PIDs fencing


Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems (or PIDs for short) have quickly become a popular way for sites to stay safer. A form of electric fencing, they provide instant notification when any intruders attempt to tamper with or scale your security fencing. One type of PIDs which is handy to know about is a rapid deploy system called RapidSecure. But what benefits does this type of set-up bring?

Quick deployment

This is admittedly an obvious benefit due to the name of the system! It is, however, one of the real plus points and as such warrants a mention. Many organisations who need the security PIDs brings do not want to wait around for it. Although a standard system can be installed fairly quickly, this rapid deploy PIDs system can be up and running even faster. This makes it ideal if you have spotted a serious gap in your security measures which must be filled asap or simply want PIDs on your site without delay. It is also great for businesses who do not want the hassle and expense of civil works on site.

Low power consumption

Installing a RapidSecure PIDs set-up can also help save your organisation money. This is because it has low power consumption, thus saving you money on energy bills. As this system is a type of electric fencing, the low power usage means you should spend less on electricity to operate it per month. When you also factor in the great value for money these systems offer, they can really help your site become more secure but without costing the earth.

Flexible solution

RapidSecure PIDs fencing is also very flexible. This means you can position it and then re-position it as required. This is not always true for other types of electric fencing, which are fixed to the same spot when installed. If you find that a temporary perimeter needs relocating, this system can be unplugged and moved without hassle. This ‘Plug and Play’ design is key to this and makes it easy to move RapidSecure to wherever it is needed.

RapidSecure PIDs electric fencing from Harper Chalice

Here at Harper Chalice, our RapidSecure system delivers all the above benefits and more. Get in touch today at sales@harperchalice.com for more details.

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