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Danhai Light Tramway in northern Taiwan has secured unauthorised access to three bridges with the aim to detect people trying to reach the tram stations without paying and putting themselves in danger in the process.
A team visited the site to carry out a site survey in order to propose the most suitable solution, taking into account the unique site characteristics.


Our solution

To satisfy the customer’s needs, our team recommended :

• A 3m high Maxiris 3000 active infrared barrier with train discrimination functionality.

The Maxiris 3000 is a top-of-the range active infrared barrier that incorporates HARPER CHALICE’s unique technology.

• Independent management of beams to distinguish real alarms from unwanted alarms.
• Integrated heating to irradicate all humidity build up.
• Remote settings and fine-tuning for efficient maintenance.
• Zoning functionality to optimise the use of the video system.
• Train discrimination function makes it possible to distinguish between the passage of a human being from a tram.


Key data :

  • 6 MAXIRIS 3000, 3m high with 10 independent cells.
  • 3 bridges protected along the network.
  • 1 on site for 3 days of commissioning support.