Harper Chalice Joins Vitaprotech Group

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After an extremely dynamic year in 2022 with the acquisition of 3 new companies and the arrival of Seven2 as the new investor in the group, Vitaprotech confirms its ambition for international development with the acquisition of Harper Chalice, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic and electrified perimeter security systems, based in Coventry, UK.

Created in 1998 and recognized leader in the security market, Harper Chalice has developed a range of high quality detection products and systems to meet the growing demand for protection of people, property and assets. With four N.P.S.A. (CPNI) certifications from the UK Home Office, Harper Chalice solutions are certified to protect sensitive sites requiring enhanced perimeter security systems.

The integration of Harper Chalice into the PIDS Business Unit of the group allows Vitaprotech to expand its portfolio of commercial offers and introduce to the UK Critical Sites market products from Sorhea, Europe’s leading brand of the intrusion field.

For Harper Chalice, this incorporation allows the company to benefit from the support of all the services of the Vitaprotech group, both financially and in terms of sales and marketing, and thus to strengthen and expand its activities in the UK and globally.

The Vitaprotech group is already present in the United Kingdom since 2019 through TDSi, and with the acquisition of Harper Chalice, it confirms its interest in developing this leading geographical area. It is thus pursuing its mission to contribute to the construction of a safer world by accompanying and supporting its companies with the human, organizational and financial resources necessary for their growth.

*Eric THORD, President of the Vitaprotech group: ***“We are very pleased to integrate Harper Chalice to consolidate our presence in the UK, one of the most important geographical areas for the development of our group.”

Christian Valette, Managing Director of the PIDS Business Unit: “We firmly believe that the integration of HARPER CHALICE into the Vitaprotech’s PIDS Business Unit is a major step towards strengthening our position in Europe in the field of security for sensitive sites.”

Adam O’Reilly, Managing Director of Harper Chalice : “We’re enthusiastic about the prospects arising from this acquisition for Harper Chalice, as it will serve to strengthen our global presence and expand our portfolio of high-quality security solutions in the UK. We anticipate that the acquisition will provide us with significant opportunities to achieve our business objectives and enhance our market position.”