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This site, which specialises in the rental of generators in Lille, France, was looking to secure its installations against intruders, while ensuring rapid transmission of alarm information. The customer was looking for a system linked to a video alarm system to trigger intervention if necessary.

In partnership with FRANCE ALARME, Lomme, our team visited the site to carry out a site survey and recommended the installation of autonomous infrared barriers that were adapted to the site

Our solution

To satisfy the customer’s needs, our team recommended :

SOLARIS NG, new-generation highperformance autonomous infrared barriers. They form a genuine immaterial detection wall, which is perfectly suited to situations where a space-saving solution is required.
The SOLARIS NG are powered by solar panels and the information is transmitted by a mesh radio network. No civil engineering work is required for installation.
Given the length of the perimeter to be protected, SOLARIS NG infrared barriers are the best choice. They are the only 100% autonomous
barriers on the market with a range of 100m.

Key data :

  • 7 SOLARIS NG, 2m50 high.
  • 1 technician on site for 1 day