Abu Dhabi Military Base

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Abu Dhabi Millitary Base

Harper Chalice, in partnership with High security fencing manufacturer Zaun has installed a first of its kind electric fence in the United Arab Emirates.

The Crown Prince wanted an electric fence to protect a military base in Abu Dhabi and the PulseSecure™ PROTECTOR System manufactured by Harper Chalice in the UK was the selected system.

PulseSecure Electric fencing can provide security and protection of perimeters around key strategic and infrastructure sites. The installation of an electric fence combined with a secure fencing system creates a very powerful psychological and physical barrier to overcome.

PROTECTOR systems are fully monitored “Double pole” High and True Low Voltage electrified perimeter security systems. The detection barrier is fully monitored with the high voltage deterrent pulses switched on or off.

PulseSecure™ PROTECTOR perimeter security systems are a “Third” generation of Electrified Perimeter Security System which have been fully evaluated and proven to meet the demands of all levels of high security and exposed site and application requirements. This includes the protection of high security military and government risks, economic key points and potential extremist or terrorist targets.

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