Distribution Centre Perimeter Security

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Distribution Centre Perimeter Security

The UK’s largest independent express delivery company selected Harper Chalice Group’s PulseSecure Electrified System to protect its newest depot in Coventry.

Covering 22.8 acres; the site features a state of the art office building, with a 187,000 sq.ft.warehouse (the size of almost 2.5 football pitches).The grounds can park 130 trailers and tractor units plus 300 other parking spaces.

The PulseSecure system provides a total physical and psychological barrier around the entire perimeter to Deter, Deny, Defend and Detect any would be intruders. The PulseSecure perimeter system is fully monitored and provides an early warning of any attempts to beach the protected perimeter.

PulseSecure systems are specified by many logistics and distribution centres to protect the contents of the warehouses and vehicles parked at the depots.

The PulseSecure™ system provides a fully integrated “first line of defence” and is specified as a basis for the site security. PulseSecure systems are compatible with all CCTV and Security Management Systems.

The Challenge

Protecting the site against theft from the Warehouses, Trailers and vehicles and also the risk of damage to vehicles stored at the depot.


  • 3.0m high PulseSecure Electrified Perimeter Security System.
  • Fully integrated into the CCTV and Security Management System.
  • Providing both Detection and DETERRENT against would be Intruders
  • Exceptionally low false alarms
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