3 signs that you need a perimeter intrusion detection system for your business


You have probably come across terms such as pids or pulse monitored fencing and already know what they are. But with a security team patrolling your premises, why would you need another security solution? While apprehending intruders is an excellent way to prevent further damage on your site, it only acts as a short term solution. Due to this, you still need enhanced options that deter trespassers. But how do you tell when you need extra safeguards for intruder detection? Here are some signs to be on the lookout for.

You have experienced a break-in

A break-in suggests that your current security systems are compromised and another intrusion will likely take place. Security systems such as CCTV are no longer a match for tech-savvy intruders as these can easily be bypassed. To counteract such a setback, you need to implement perimeter intrusion detection systems that cover every area of your facility, enhancing your intruder detection capabilities.

You currently rely on remote working

COVID-19 has ushered a new era of remote working, resulting in neglected offices and buildings. With this comes the risk of security breaches on your site. Due to this reason, your next step should be introducing integrated systems. PIDs such as FenceSecure provide trigger alarms for areas experiencing security breaches, allowing you to keep track of all activities on the ground.

You operate remote facilities

Remote locations are notorious for break-ins, given the long response time required to get to such sites. If you operate in such a premise, a perimeter intrusion detection system is what you need. Electric fencing is a good place to start and will provide a non-lethal shock for any trespasser. Combined with pids, your security team can pinpoint the exact location of your intruder, allowing you to prevent any damage to your property.

If the above signs describe your facility, now is the time to get an intruder detection system. You get to enjoy a low maintenance solution and a flexible option for your security needs. Monitoring is also made easy with automatic triggers, providing you with enhanced security systems. For more information about perimeter intrusion detection systems, call us today.

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