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How to maintain your perimeter fencing

When it comes to keeping your site safe, installing electrified perimeter fencing is a fantastic investment. As an integrated system ideal for intruder detection, they can give you peace of mind that your property is secure. However, how do you…
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Common Misconceptions integrated security systems

Misconceptions about integrated security systems

Integrated systems of security have become commonplace in many UK businesses and homes as people become more conscious about safeguarding or protecting their property from unauthorised intrusion. But despite the high level of sophistication and reliability derived from these integrated…
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Perimeter-Intrusion-Detection-Systems pids security system

What is a PIDS security system?

One benefit of the technological advances we have seen recently has been the extra choices available to protect your business with. The latest security systems make it easier than ever to secure your perimeter from intruders. From pulse monitored fencing…
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