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Pulse Monitored Fencing Explained

Pulse monitored fencing explained

When it comes to installing security systems for your business, site or organisation, there is a fair bit of choice on the market now. Next to standard kit like CCTV cameras and standard fencing, options such as perimeter intrusion detection…
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Pulse Monitored

Pulse Monitored Fencing: What and why

If you’re looking for a high-security solution that goes above and beyond to protect your business premises, look no further than Pulse Monitored Fencing (PMF). Read on to discover exactly what Pulse Monitored Fencing is, some of the benefits it…
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improper electric fencing use

The dangers of improper electric fencing use

When connected and installed properly, electric fencing is safe to use on your business premises. However, if you choose to install your fence yourself or purchase one from an untrustworthy provider, there are a number of dangers that you and…
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