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Three Benefits of Rapid Deploy PIDs

3 benefits of RapidSecure PIDs fencing

Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems (or PIDs for short) have quickly become a popular way for sites to stay safer. A form of electric fencing, they provide instant notification when any intruders attempt to tamper with or scale your security fencing.…
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What Are Pids?

What are PIDs?

Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) refer to sensors mounted on fences that can detect and monitor movement in the form of an intrusion. The system will detect anything that touches the fence, and will alert the owner of the PIDS…
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Fastest Way to Secure Your Site

What is the fastest way to secure your site?

When you have important assets to protect, establishing security quickly is key. While there’s no doubt that a dedicated CCTV network can be invaluable once set up onsite, it can take time to deploy and test. For this reason, the…
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Does your business need PIDS

Does your business need PIDS?

A perimeter intrusion detection system can bolster the security of your home or business building. The system delivers world-class protection capabilities at an affordable cost. However, better security is not its only advantage. This blog post will examine the main…
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