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Keeping business safe

How can you keep your site safe from intruders?

Whether it is a secure facility, office building or military installation, one thing is critical – keeping your site safe from trespassers. This is not only in terms of keeping intruders away from the buildings themselves but also keeping them…
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Common misconceptions regarding electric fences

Electric fences are highly efficient security instalments trusted for facilities such as airports, prisons, military bases, mental facilities, construction sites, and even in homes and businesses. Although the electric shock experienced by anyone who touches the fence acts as a…
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Why choose electric fencing

Why should you choose electrified perimeter fencing?

If you own or are responsible for a business, your top priority will be keeping it safe and secure. Thieves love nothing more than scantily protected business premises or industrial property. Installing electrified perimeter fencing ensures that your business is…
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Electric Fencing in Rain

Maintaining your electric fencing in the rain

Maintaining your electric fencing should always be your top priority – if you can’t ensure that your fence is in optimum condition then it can’t do its job properly. Fencing that is ignored and uncared for can quickly become damaged,…
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