4 features of perimeter RADAR that guarantee improved security


Perimeter RADAR is one of the most recent security solutions taking over the surveillance world. Comprising of integrated systems of electronic and physical controls, it detects and deters any intruders before they make it to your site. Such benefits mean that you can rest easy and allow your perimeter RADAR to do all the work. But what exactly makes it so effective for intruder detection? Here are some features that make it the ideal surveillance solution.

High resolution

Perimeter RADAR uses high-resolution technology to differentiate threats such as hidden figures from non-threat targets like animals. Its narrow beams and laser range finder are perfect for perimeter intrusion detection, meaning you no longer have to monitor your electric fencing physically. Your security personnel is also saved from false alarms, allowing them to focus on other security needs.

Fast processing speeds

For fast response to occur, perimeter RADAR relies on processing algorithms that work hand in hand with graphic interface applications. This means that all audio and video signals work smoothly with other integrated systems and are translated into an understandable format for effective intruder detection. If there is a slight movement in your electric fencing, you only need a few seconds to get the signal.

Smooth transition from automatic to manual surveillance

If your perimeter RADAR identifies any threat, you can easily switch from automatic surveillance to manual surveillance. The RADAR determines the target position, speed of movement, and the direction of movement. With such information, perimeter intrusion detection is made easy. The ease of transition also means that your security team does not need to undergo rigorous training. You can install your perimeter RADAR and have your team operate it in a few hours.

All-weather protection

Perimeter RADAR works well in all conditions. If you need to monitor your electric fencing for intruder detection during fog, rain, or snow, the high resolution delivers clear visibility. It also works well in extreme temperatures, not to mention complex environments with multiple buildings.

To enjoy these versatile benefits of perimeter RADAR, get in touch with Harper Chalice today. We can also provide reliable perimeter intrusion detection solutions tailored to suit your needs.

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