Finding the right security solution for your business


Every business owner knows the importance of security. Whether you’re a large-scale manufacturer, or a small web-based start-up, keeping your business and its assets secure should always be a priority.

Choosing the right level of security for your business will depend on all sorts of things – from the industry you’re in, to the size of your organisation’s premises. So, what’s the best security option for your business?

Perimeter Intrusion Detection

This is the ideal solution to businesses that want to improve the security of their existing perimeter. Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems – or PIDS – are mounted to perimeter fencing and can alert security guards to any intrusion attempts.

PIDS can be added to a range of different perimeter fencing, whether you have a small warehouse or storage compound to protect, or a larger factory or industrial estate. Whatever your business, you can introduce PIDS without having to drastically change your existing security fencing.

Electrified Perimeter Fencing

While PIDS will work for some businesses, others may need security measures beyond just early warning signs. That’s where electric fencing comes in. Though this is a more expensive option, the security it provides goes beyond a physical barrier.

Electric fences deliver a short, sharp electric shock to any intruder, that is regulated and safe but also painful. And that’s only when an intruder gets to the perimeter – the psychological deterrent of seeing an electric fence is often enough to put would-be intruders off.

Seismic Intruder Detection

A good option for businesses looking to secure a building, rather than enhance the security of perimeter fencing, Seismic Intruder Detection Systems (SIDS) are designed to protect walls, floors, rooftops and other structures.

The system uses cables placed across the protected area, which can detect vibrations and seismic noise up to two metres away from where the cable is placed. If anything is detected, the system alerts security before an intruder can get far.

Perimeter Security RADAR

One of the most sophisticated security systems available, Perimeter Security RADAR uses a high-tech radar monitoring system to identify and track threats even beyond your perimeter.

This type of security is ideal for large-scale operations or those with a large perimeter and high-security concerns. Intruders and other threats can be identified before they reach the perimeter, and can then be tracked live – regardless of weather or light conditions.

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