Global perimeter security market to experience strong growth from 2019


A report on the global perimeter security market has highlighted that this sector is set for strong growth in the period from 2019 to 2026 (“Outdoor Perimeter Security Market” from The research included analysis of the global sector, with market share, growth, future trends and forecasts also covered. You can order a sample copy of the report online, if required (

Perimeter security market expanding rapidly

The market for external outdoor perimeter security and safety measures has expanded at a speedy rate in recent years, fuelled by increased threats of terrorism and burglary. It’s also becoming increasingly common for high profile domestic consumers to opt for perimeter security and intruder detection protection for their homes (

Importance of integrated security

Integrated systems are more commonly used for contemporary perimeter security, as they offer a wide variety of technologies to ensure the highest levels of security. Some of these technologies include video surveillance, comms systems, intrusion detection, a range of different sensors and the electrification of fences. Different types of sensors include microwave, infrared, radar and seismic. 

Many businesses are highly critical to national infrastructure, so maintaining a secure perimeter can be the first line of defence against intrusions of any kind. Secure perimeters enable on-site or mobile security personnel to receive immediate warnings of intrusions, which can help ensure intruders are apprehended prior to committing any crimes.

An effective and secure perimeter can also reduce requirements for manned checkpoints. This point is integral to the USA’s plans for the new border fence with Mexico, which will be a smart wall supported by sensors, drones, cameras and AI devices (

Reasons to partner with Harper Chalice for perimeter and facility security

Harper Chalice are experts in providing the integrated and secure perimeters throughout the UK and globally. We supply and install WallSecure and seismic intruder detection systems (SIDS) to add a layer of security protection to the exterior walls of any building. Our secure caging systems offer high levels of protection for internal or external cages ( and temporary or permanent electric security barriers to enhance the protection of any facility ( 

That’s just a very small selection of the security solutions we provide, so get in touch to discuss your perimeter security in detail and find out all about the high-quality intrusion detection and integrated security systems we offer (

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