How to look after your electric fencing in winter


If you’ve recently invested in an electric fence at your property, you may be wondering how to maintain it during the colder months. While snow hasn’t hit just yet, it’s good to know some basic maintenance tips before the severe weather begins.

Will my electric fence be affected by snow?

The short answer is yes. If you’ve had heavy snowfall or even a bout of frost, your electric fencing system will likely be affected.

To maintain the life of your electric fence, go out and check that there’re no heavy dumps of snow on the line, as this can damage the system if left for long periods of time.

If the ground is covered, animals won’t be earthed, and therefore won’t get the usual ‘zap’ if they go near your fence.

What can I do to protect my property?

If you’re using electric fencing to protect your building from thieves and intruders, you may be wondering what you can do during colder months to ensure it stays protected.

If your site is relatively small, maintenance should be easy. During frosty and snowy season, check the perimeter of the fencing to ensure the ground is clear. That way, any unwanted visitors will still feel a shock when they come in to contact with the fence.

For larger sites, we recommend running an earth wire around the space, so that if an intruder touches the fence and the wire at the same time, they’ll still receive a shock (this will happen even when there are 1 or 2 inches of snow).

How can I make sure my fence is working during cold months?

A quick and easy way to check whether your electric fencing system is still doing its job – without getting zapped yourself! – is to invest in a fence tester. This clever gadget will tell you instantly whether you have the correct power on the fence line.

Electric fence repair

If you’ve experienced damage to your electric fence as a result of the wintry weather, get in touch today. We can talk you through the options available to repair your fence, and discuss pricing to fit a replacement.

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