What to look for with intrusion detection and prevention systems


Modern technology has made it easier than ever to protect your home or business from intruders. But with greater choice, comes the potential to invest in expensive equipment with limited or inappropriate capabilities.

It’s important to create a checklist of both mandatory and desirable features, to assess the value of any security system you are considering. It will also avoid being distracted by unnecessary gadgetry, and ensure the finished result is efficient, affordable and appropriately functioning.

The checklist can come from the answers to a series of important questions, to protect your equipment, buildings or wider location.

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for purpose and scalable intrusion detection

To begin with, the scope and coverage of detection equipment needs to be mapped out. The right contractor will help to ensure that your planned intrusion detection system leaves no “blind spots” but that it’s not overly complex. They should also guide you on scalable security solutions that can be updated when required. This ensures you don’t waste your money now, or when you’re forced to replace quickly outdated equipment.

Security within the law

Does the intrusion detection equipment you have in mind conform to current European Standards, and British Standards, as well as Security Industry Authority and UK Police policies?

Would the contract to install, monitor and maintain the system provide the right level of ongoing support? Can you be sure your contractor will help you to remain compliant with legislation?

Operational factors

Is your intrusion detection system not only effective but also user-friendly?

Does it offer the potential as a deterrent, which is often the biggest selling point for the best intrusion detection systems?

Will you need wireless technology? This is particularly valuable for retrofitting in locations where new cables and wires would be unsightly or unfeasible.

Do you need a stand-alone intruder system? This basically flags up the presence of an unwelcome visitor. Or, do you need intrusion detection that is integrated with an alarm monitoring station, for speedy assistance?

Would your intruder detection security system be designed and installed in a way that minimises the risk of false alarms and involuntary activations? This can be important to reduce wasted time and resources.

Is the system and its maintenance contract covered by a clear cost, with no hidden extras?

If you would like to run down this checklist with a company that can provide one controllable security system – that ticks all the right boxes – please contact Harper Chalice Group today (www.harperchalice.com)

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