Pulse Monitored Fencing: What and why


If you’re looking for a high-security solution that goes above and beyond to protect your business premises, look no further than Pulse Monitored Fencing (PMF). Read on to discover exactly what Pulse Monitored Fencing is, some of the benefits it offers, and why it’s the best protection for your building and surrounding area.

What is Pulse Monitored Fencing?

Pulse Monitored Fencing is formally known as electric fencing. They can usually be custom-built to fit any type of perimeter, meaning any shape or size can be protected. PMF works by delivering a sharp and short, yet safe pulse to any trespasser coming into contact with the fencing, deterring them from going any further.

What are the main benefits of Pulse Monitored Fencing?

PMF offers a rich variety of benefits. Here are just the top 3:

  • Effectiveness. Because the electric current delivered to anyone coming into contact with the fence acts as a shock (both physically and mentally!) this type of fencing has an incredibly high success rate when it comes to deterring and keeping away any trespassers.
  • Adaptability. As previously mentioned, PMF can be adapted to any shape or size, meaning there are no premises left unprotected. Not only this, but you can also monitor and change certain areas of the fencing as and when are required. For instance, if a breach occurs on the Northwards fencing, you will be instantly alerted. From thereon you can focus your attention on the affected area, increasing vigilance and improving chances of keeping intruders away.
  • Deterrence. Seasoned criminals and opportunistic lackeys alike can all identify a PMF when they see one. Even if they can’t, it often looks intimidating enough to not bother attempting to scale. Plus, the high risk of being electrocuted and thus caught is so monumental that simply looking at the fence alone prevents criminals from attempting to break inside.

Why should you install it?

It’s clear that PMF is a highly adaptable and successful piece of protective fencing. If you want a perimeter intrusion solution that really boasts it all, browse the PulseSecure range at Harper Chalice today.

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