Tips for Keeping a Secure Construction Site


It’s estimated that every week in the UK, around £1,000,000 worth of equipment is stolen from building sites. That’s a staggering figure on its own, but even more astounding is that it’s estimated that less than 10% of that is able to be recovered.

As well as the obvious cost of replacing the stolen equipment, companies must think about the time loss and the compromised safety on the site itself. This is obviously a huge problem and is a waste of time, energy and resources for both company and building site alike.

Despite this being such a large scale problem, there are ways to combat and tackle the issue. Below are some top tips for keeping your site secure, and subsequently safer.

Keep Areas Well Lit

Installing bright lights on site will deter criminals, as it is much harder for them to slip in unnoticed, and they may be seen by passers-by. Lights can also give the impression that workers are still on-site. Many criminals who steal from building sites are opportunists, and so if the opportunity isn’t there, they’re less likely to steal from you.

Make Use of Cameras and Alarms

If lights aren’t enough to deter criminals, then cameras and alarms will certainly make them think twice. 24 hour CCTV will mean any criminals even thinking about stealing from the site will be documented on tape. If you follow the first step and also install lights, they will also aid you in identifying anyone who still tries to steal from you by lighting up the subject.

Video alone will not help prevent the crime, you need some form of detection of the activity. This is where PIDS and response come in. Whether you choose to go for a loud alarm, or even a silent alarm that alerts the police that there’s an intruder you need to ensure there is some form of detection and an appropriate response.

Keep Intruders Out Altogether

A step as simple as building a fence around the site can do wonders for keeping your equipment secure.

Electric Fencing is a huge deterrent to potential thieves. While the fence is non-lethal, it will shock anyone who touches it, making climbing the fence impossible. Even if a savvy criminal tries to cut the wires to your electric fence, a silent alarm can be installed to alert authorities.

These tips and more can help make your site safer, and your project can proceed without interruptions, making it more cost-effective.

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