Six ideas for the ultimate security system for your business


Every business owner or building manager should know and understand the importance of physical protection when it comes to securing a property, especially a business establishment. Physical security is necessary to create a safe and secure working and living environment. Below we explore the features all business owners should consider, to properly secure their building… 

1. Perimeter fencing

Perimeter fencing, such as wire mesh or palisade fencing, creates a physical barrier and is a good starting point for any security system. An effective perimeter fence should keep intruders from accessing your business premises or warehouse.

2. Security floodlights

A well-lit area repels unsavoury intruders and makes it easier for security guards to notice any intrusion or malicious activities. It also repels individuals from vandalising your property as they will fear being caught and recognised due to the bright lighting. 


A closed-circuit television system (CCTV) should be installed around the premises. There are many advantages to CCTV, such as that it can record and store hundreds of hours of footage automatically. CCTV provides an unbiased account of events that can be used as evidence in a court of law to prosecute wrongdoers and deters criminals from committing crimes in the first place. 

4. Perimeter intrusion detection systems

Used along with perimeter fences, a PID is an automated system that detects intruders and raises the alarm by informing the relevant authorities about a potential intruder. This type of security measure usually involves the use of detection sensors strategically installed around the premises. Automated intruder detection systems are efficient and reduce the number of physical security guards needed to patrol an area. 

5. Perimeter surveillance radar

This technology is used to monitor activities in critical areas such as military bases, airports and medical research institutions. However, scaled-down versions are available for commercial purposes. PSR systems can detect individuals at ground level, walking or crawling towards a premise from a range of several hundred meters, even when concealed by small obstacles. 

To achieve the best security system for your business, you need a custom-made package covering all your unique security needs. At Harper Chalice, we specialise in offering reliable integrated perimeter security solutions. Give us a call today and discover new ways to keep your property or business secured.

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