What common PIDs installation mistakes should you avoid?


When it comes to protecting your site perimeter, many businesses are now choosing a PIDs system. This involves a special type of electric security fencing being installed which uses alarmed wires to pick up on any intruders trying to access your grounds. They are great for giving you early warning of any threat while also deterring intruders from trying to enter your grounds. However, it is key to avoid the most common mistakes when installing these systems to get the most from them.

But what are the most widely seen installation blunders to know about?

Not choosing a reputable supplier or installer

This is perhaps THE biggest mistake you will want to avoid when having a perimeter intrusion detection system installed. The company you choose to supply and fit it will have a major bearing on how effective it is. A professional, experienced company will not only be reliable but also provide superb customer service and top-quality systems. They will also be able to configure the system properly when installing it and give staff advice on how to use it properly.

Not integrating it with other measures

The PIDs system is a great security measure in its own right but it really works best as part of an integrated approach. Whether you opt for CCTV cameras or exterior lighting as well, it is usually wise to think about adopting a fully integrated approach for truly effective perimeter security. Do not make the mistake of failing to consider this approach, especially if you have a larger site to protect.

Not having back-up power to the system

Naturally, a system like this runs on electricity. But what would happen if your main power supply stopped working or was damaged? You cannot afford for your whole perimeter to be exposed while it is fixed. This makes not having a back-up power supply to your PIDs system a mistake to avoid. By having back-up in place, you will always have your site secured in any circumstance.

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