Why choose a rapid deploy electric fencing system?


Electric fencing is still one of the most popular ways to secure any site. The physical and psychological barrier it provides aligned with great value for money is hard to beat. It also gives effective results in terms of keeping intruders out. One popular option which many businesses will go for now is rapid deploy electric fencing. But why is this so widely used?

Quick to erect

One of the big advantages which this type of electric fencing offers is speed. In short, it is a type of fencing that can be put up in a matter of hours to offer total protection. This is down to no civil engineering or groundworks having to be carried out first. The modular panel design of the system also makes it very fast to install. This makes it a great choice for any site which has a need for effective security fencing in a hurry.

Built to handle HVM tasks

This type of fencing has also been designed with hostile vehicle mitigation in mind. HVM threats are a reality in the modern world for all organisations, their staff and any customers on-site. Being able to protect your site and those on it is therefore key. Rapid deploy electric fencing answers this need due to its tough design and the ability to withstand the impact most HVM threats bring.

Low power consumption

If you choose to use electric security fencing, then you naturally have to factor in the costs of running it. One bonus rapid deploy fencing has is low power consumption. This means that you will save money as it uses less power than other systems. Using less energy will also enable you to meet your environmental responsibilities as a business and project a positive image to the world.

Effective site protection with Harper Chalice

As the above shows, this type of fencing has much to recommend it. Whether you need to fix a gap in your normal fencing fast, get security fencing up quickly for a festival or secure your business site pronto, it is a great option. The RapidPulse electric fencing we offer at Harper Chalice is ideal for all this. Get in touch at sales@harperchalice.com today for more details.

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