Why should you integrate your security systems?


In layman’s terms, security system integration allows various security systems to communicate with each other. Electric fencing and perimeter radar, among other security methods, can promise intruder detection; however, in the case of integrated systems, each system can quietly inform the other systems, which can then inform you. By relying on this method to make systems ‘talk’ to each other, you are able to connect every part of your site, regardless of how large or complex it is. Essentially, integration serves as the single thread that unites your property.

Separating genuine threats from simple nuisances

In addition to providing fast, accurate detection of intruders or vandals, security system integration is highly effective in separating genuine threats from simple nuisances. If a perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) senses motion near the site, for example, it might not transmit exactly how large the threat is. When integrated with video surveillance, for example, the system could reveal a curious squirrel, rather than a masked thief. In case of a valid threat, an integrated system can mobilise the security team with a high degree of coordination, while simultaneously slowing the escape of criminals.

Manage your workforce

An integrated system can also manage your workforce effectively. Employee IDs and biometrics can be fed into the system, providing it with information that can be used to determine the credibility of a potential threat. When a system is aware of a site’s security conditions, it gains the ability to make intelligent decisions and spare you the struggle of coping with false alarms. For example, when an employee leaves the company, the security system can be informed of this and reflect the departure across the entire site. This instantaneously strengthens the security of the site, compared to a non-integrated system where such departures must be updated manually, perhaps multiple times.

Remain one step ahead at all times

Finally, an integrated system can differentiate various levels of security and respond based on the level of the perceived threat. If it detects that a particularly sensitive area of the facility has been breached, then it can communicate across the site to automatically lock down rooms that store valuable data. Using a mixture of predictive artificial intelligence and programmed instructions, an integrated security system can always be one step ahead of a potential intruder.

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